How We Help

At Diversified Public Adjusters, we don’t work for Big Insurance. We work for YOU.

Lifelong residents of NJ, we know how devastating property damage can be to your home, business, and family. Committed to easing the burden as best we can, we are proud to offer housing support while you are experiencing difficulties.

  • Fire

    When your home has suffered a fire, don’t let Big Insurance fuel the flames. For protection after smoke and fire damage, contact DPA today for your fire damage claims adjuster.

  • Flooding

    Flash or forecast, a flood can cause irreparable damage to your home or business. To get more money in less time, trust the DPA way.

  • Water Damage

    Broken, burst, and frozen pipes will quickly turn a drip into a disaster. Protect your assets from Big Insurance with a water damage insurance adjuster fighting for YOU.

  • Natural Disasters

    Mother Nature is tough enough without Insurance jumping into the ring. Fight back with the trusted defense of DPA’s licensed loss adjuster pros.

Are you the victim of fire, flood, or a natural disaster? We can help.


A house isn’t just a house. It’s a home.

At Diversified Public Adjusters, we believe that damage and destruction are disaster enough. Rather than suffer even more, our experienced team of licensed professionals is here to get YOU the support you need while helping you through the homeowner’s insurance claims process.


Your business is your baby. We treat it that way.

Entrepreneurs just like you, our licensed team of loss adjuster pros knows how much time and energy you put into your business. When disaster strikes, shouldn’t you have someone on your side who puts in just as much?