About Us

What is a Public Adjuster?

After damage or disaster, your Insurance Company will hire a Professional Adjuster to assess the Claim. With the company’s own best interest in mind, policy holders are unlikely to see a fair evaluation or settlement.

At Diversified Public Adjusters, we work for YOU. Tirelessly committed to maximizing your return, we believe that every policy holder has the right to a fair fight.

Among others, our job as a Public Adjuster in NJ include:

  • Evaluate your policy to determine applicable coverage
  • Investigate damage to your property
  • Assess the impact of damage, and its financial toll on your home or business
  • Prepare and defend an accurate claim adjustment to your insurer
  • Negotiate an appropriate settlement with your insurer (including reopening claims for post-settlement discrepancies)

We are licensed professionals who advocate for YOU.