Fire Loss

Fire damage can cause enough problems, don’t let Big Insurance cause more.

From accident to arson, even the smallest fire can cause irreparable damage to your home or business, since few things are as devastating as fire. It not only consumes property and puts people in danger quickly, but it can also seem to appear out of nowhere. Attempts to stop the fire may keep it from spreading, but they cause their own damage. In fact, much of the damage from a fire comes from smoke damage during the fire and then water damage that occurs from extinguishing efforts.

Fire Damage Recovery

Trying to recover from a fire is not just emotionally devastating for many families, but can be financially overwhelming. Having an insurance company’s adjuster deny claims or make lowball offers only adds to that frustration. While an insurer’s fire damage insurance adjuster is supposed to provide an objective assessment of the damages from a fire and that fire’s causes, they are working for the insurance company at the end of the day.

Fire Insurance

At Diversified Public Adjusters, we fight on YOUR side to get the most out of your claim. We provide you with a fire insurance claim public adjuster that can independently review the site of the fire and give an assessment of the claim based on their review. When this review differs from what your insurance company has said, it provides you with the ammunition you need to fight an insurance company’s lowball estimate or claim denial.

With years of experience in the field, our professional inspections and fire damage claim adjusters ensure that you get the maximum settlement with the least amount of stress. We understand that fire damage can be hidden, so we look for smoke and water damage throughout a structure, even if the fire and containment efforts were limited to a portion of the building. When people discover this type of hidden secondary damage, which can often cause problems long after the actual fire occurred, they are often dismayed to discover that by taking an initial settlement offer, they are no longer eligible for coverage for that damage. That is why all of our fire damage assessments are thorough.

At Diversified, we believe that if you have purchased insurance in good faith and paid your premiums, you should be able to rely on the insurance company to do the same and pay for any covered damages.

Common causes of New Jersey house fires:

  • Cigarette smoking inside the home
  • Overheated/Unwatched kitchen equipment
  • Faulty wiring
  • Portable heaters
  • Candles and open flames
  • Lamp shades and fittings

For residents who find themselves without a roof over their head, we are proud to offer temporary housing support and dry cleaning at no extra fee.