Natural Disasters

Residents of New Jersey ourselves, the expert team of professional loss adjusters at DPA know what it’s like to be the victim of Natural Disaster. Unfortunately, your Insurance Company is unlikely to be as understanding.

Whether your home has suffered the terrible impact of a hurricane or your business has been ripped apart by flood, we are here to help when you need us most. During this time, Insurance Companies will be inundated by residential and commercial loss claims, some of which may be fraudulent. Overrun and incapable of giving you their full attention, policy holders are at risk of losing even more than just their property.

At Diversified Public Adjusters, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes and we are committed to doing everything in power to ensure that you get the most out of your insurance coverage, with the least amount of stress.

Common causes of Natural Disaster claims in New Jersey:

  • Hurricanes
  • Snowstorms, Blizzards, White Outs
  • Flood
  • Strong Winds

Unfortunately, your Insurance Company has Mother Nature on their side when it comes to coverage for Natural Disasters in New Jersey. Because disasters can be predicted, policy holders are often left in shock when they find that damage is not covered by their policy, or only to a small extent. At DPA, our expert loss adjusters make every attempt to fully investigate the extent of damage after a Natural Disaster, ensuring that you get the most money with the least stress.

Mother Nature is cruel enough. Don’t let Big Insurance bully you, too.